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What are Yoga Benefits? Why to do Yoga?

There have been many questions on advantages and benefits of Yoga. People are sometime really confused and in dilemma that whether they actually need to do Yoga?

Let me ask you few questions - Do you have a vehicle? -Yes, you have one and most of us have. And to maintain, the economy and condition of the vehicle, you do the oiling and servicing at regular intervals -Right?. Now relate the same situation to yourself. What do you do with yourself, to maintain your economy and condition? How do you service yourself? Does drinking services you? Does working day night services you? The answer is a big NO. You need some natural things to maintain yourself, because you are ultimately the outcome of the nature. You cannot oil and service yourself with unnatural substances. You cant rely totally on medicines. So to maintain yourself, you need to get accustomed to some natural processes.

Thats why doctors other than prescribing medicines also sometimes recommend morning walks, eat healthy, have fruits,etc. Whereas yoga is natural. It is pure outcome of natural processes. Yoga is an ancient knowledge and its benefits where well known from past.

With increasing age, we tend to forget that our problems also start increasing. You have a back pain, shivering hands, legs, white hairs. knee pain and several other problems. Yoga exercises and its various postures are the right way to get rid of such problems.

Yoga exercises are not done only to stay physically fit, but it also helps in staying mentally fit. With Yoga, you can focus more at work and get ease of many physical problems. Yoga benefits in bringing flexibility to body, weight loss and lubrication of body joints, ligaments and tendons.

Physiological Benefits of Yoga:

  • Stable autonomic nervous system equilibrium
  • Pulse rate decreases
  • Respiratory rate decreases
  • Blood Pressure decreases (of special significance for hyporeactors)
  • Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) increases
  • EEG - alpha waves increase (theta, delta, and beta waves also increase during various stages of meditation)
  • EMG activity decreases
  • Cardiovascular efficiency increases
  • Respiratory efficiency increases
  • Gastrointestinal function normalizes
  • Endocrine function normalizes
  • Excretory functions improve
  • Musculoskeletal flexibility and joint range of motion increase
  • Breath-holding time increases
  • Joint range of motion increase
  • Grip strength increases
  • Eye-hand coordination improves
  • Dexterity skills improve
  • Reaction time improves
  • Posture improves
  • Strength and resiliency increase
  • Endurance increases
  • Energy level increases
  • Weight normalizes
  • Sleep improves
  • Immunity increases
  • Pain decreases
  • Steadiness improves
  • Depth perception improves
  • Balance improves
  • Integrated functioning of body parts improves

Psychological Benefits of Yoga:

  • Somatic and kinesthetic awareness increase
  • Mood improves and subjective well-being increases
  • Self-acceptance and self-actualization increase
  • Social adjustment increases
  • Anxiety and Depression decrease
  • Hostility decreases
  • Concentration improves
  • Memory improves
  • Attention improves
  • Learning efficiency improves
  • Mood improves
  • Self-actualization increase
  • Social skills increases
  • Well-being increases
  • Somatic and kinesthetic awareness increase
  • Self-acceptance increase
  • Attention improves
  • Concentration improves
  • Memory improves
  • Learning efficiency improves
  • Symbol coding improves
  • Depth perception improves
  • Flicker fusion frequency improves

Biochemical Benefits of Yoga:

  • Glucose decreases
  • Sodium decreases
  • Total cholesterol decreases
  • Triglycerides decrease
  • HDL cholesterol increases
  • LDL cholesterol decreases
  • VLDL cholesterol decreases
  • Cholinesterase increases
  • Catecholamines decrease
  • ATPase increases
  • Hematocrit increases
  • Hemoglobin increases
  • Lymphocyte count increases
  • Total white blood cell count decreases
  • Thyroxin increases
  • Vitamin C increases
  • Total serum protein increases


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