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Symptoms of Pregnancy

Even though the fetus is growing in the women's abdomen, men's involvement is also considered equally. It is said that a woman is actually complete when she undergoes the phases of her pregnancy. Many times, women are not aware that they are pregnant, and this causes chances of insecurity and create further health problems.

Following are the main Symptoms of Pregnancy in women during pregnancy.
  1. Every women has her monthly periods, but in case of pregnancy, her periods stop.
  2. Early symptoms of pregnancy nausea, vomiting, again and again to urinate, etc.
  3. While a check up with a doctor, if she finds that the woman's uterus outer portion is soft, its a sign of pregnancy. To confirm it, doctor may ask for a blood and urine test.
  4. there seems to be a pain in the breasts during pregnancy. During pregnancy, breasts become tender.
  5. There are signs of pregnancy headaches.
  6. A pregnant women feels her face and body a little bloated or swollen.
  7. There is continuously change in mood of women during pregnancy.
  8. In early stage of pregnancy, symptoms not only indicate discomfort but also there are signs to be an indicator of complexity.
  9. To feel more fatigue, constipation are also a sign of pregnancy.
  10. Anemia in pregnancy, heels inflammation, blood pressure fluctuate are the symptoms of pregnancy.
  11. Its necessary to have regular check ups with doctor to examine pregnancy, have nutritious diet, drink plenty of water, fruit - juice, and daily exercise is advisable


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