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Yoga for Weight Loss

Over Eating or not having enough exercise can lead to increase in obesity. Also having excessive vitamins can also cause obesity. You don't feel like enjoying, and quickly settle due to exhaustion are signs of obesity. Lifestyle change can be found to fight obesity.

Here's how to lose weight and how Yoga is beneficial.
  • Some compounds and natural Upcharapnakr can easily help to lose weight,  like - some Stkarm, Kunjl, Neti, Kpalbanti and by Shankprcshaln.
  • Subtle yoga exercise can reduce the weight. Respiratory breathing, chest and abdomen exercises can help in reducing weight.
  • Doing Surya Namaskar exercise and also walking for miles can help to reduce weight to a great extend.
  • Yoga postures like some easy Vajra sana, Manduca sana, Uttanmanduscasn, Uttankurmasn, Ushtrasn, Ckrasn, Uttanpadasn, Srwagansn and Dnurasn, Bhujngasn, Pvnmuktasn, Ktickrasn, Konasn, lotus posture, and all are beneficial in weight loss. These exercises can be done in empty stomach or 3-4 hours after a meal make it easy.
  • To lose weight, pranayamas and mudras are also effective. The Nadhishodn, Kpalbanti and Bastrika, Mahamudra, Uddanbnd, Vipritkrni Mudraana etc. are beneficial.
Benefits of Yoga
  • These are all the exercise keeps blood pressure normal and help in lowering anger.
  • With the exercise of the stomach - there is exercise of whole body is exercise, such exercise keeps blood pressure normal and keep anger in control.
  • Kpalbati, Bstrika - reduce the body fat, which is the biggest advantage of this exercise.
  • it helps in maintaining body fitness, and daily practices makes your body twist and turn easily.
  • Yoga diminishes the cholesterol.
  • Helps to loose fat.
  • Yoga does'nt has any negative effect.
  • Yoga should be done with an empty stomach only, you can have food in three - four hour intervals.
  • Yoga should be done under the supervision of a doctor or a trained yoga teacher.
  • Yoga should be done early in the morning or evening.
  • Yoga should be done in loose - fitting clothing wear.
  • Yoga should be done on a carpet or by spreading a bed sheet on the floor but not cold.
  • Yoga should be done bare feet -no shoes or slippers .
  • If the person is suffering from heart disease, he should not do difficult or forceful exercises
  • With yoga - massage, sun bathing and sleep is also important.


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